Sunday, 29 May 2011

Poppy Cat - On Nick Jr now!

Here are a couple of backgrounds I did for Poppy Cat. I think I must've helped on at least 50 altogether.

Coolabi and King Rollo Films Ltd (c) 2011 - A background I did for one of the later episodes (I've forgotten which one because there were so many!)

Coolabi and King Rollo Films Ltd (c) 2011 - Here is one of the backgrounds I painted and worked on in Photoshop for a story about some missing keys.

You can view more aspects of the show on the website:

I worked for a year on the backgrounds for this new kids' programme. I also coloured the characters. The series is based on the books by Lara Jones except with the addition of Egbert who is an odd little badger!


  1. Becca Sweet, welcome back, i've missed you :))

  2. this is SO CUTE, i visited the link and am in love with the cat ^_^


    hope you are well

  3. Hi!! I tried to work out how to post a comment on your blog but couldn't see how, sorry. Thank u for your lovely comments :-) Have missed u too! How've u been? There's some really gorgeous new work on your blog! xxx