Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Peter and the Wolf

Rebecca Whiteman (c) Copyright 2009


  1. oh-my-gosh, i always love Peter and The Wolf and am doing an illustration of it but ive lost my mood lately, dunno why :D
    have you seen the movie directed by Suzie Templeton?

    ps: i like this illustration!

  2. i know!!!! brilliant and didnt you enjoy the music too?
    yes me too, look forward to seeing my take on Peter and the Wolf :D lol

    have a lovely weekend ok!


  3. hey becca, sorry ive been busy.
    my educational background is in economics, i was an accountant but i quit my job.
    i am now looking forward to be an illustrator, or... i dunno, i just want to try something new as a freelance opportunist ( lol :D )
    A friend of mine helped me to seek a publisher here, and they need to see my portfolio but i dont have one (yeah no kidding).
    So now im working on my portfolio, and it's kinda exciting, im so new in this business.
    Im still learning from other illustrators, thats why im here, to share with others, to get myself motivated, etc.
    Im glad i found you here, so i can learn from you too! :)